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Abagail Catani poses for a portrait in UW–Madison’s Red Gym and Multicultural Student Center.
Photo by Michael P. King/UW–Madison CALS

Abagail Catania

Student Launches Scholarship Before Graduating

Senior Abagail Catania BSx’19 couldn’t wait until graduation to make a difference in the lives of students like herself. So she didn’t. Instead, she established a scholarship for her peers before even having her diploma in hand.

Catania, who is studying agricultural business management, says she is one of a few students of color in her major. She felt a void in her academic community, so she decided to help fill it by establishing the Abagail Catania Agricultural and Applied Economics/Agricultural Business Management Diversity Scholarship. Her original goal was to set up the scholarship after graduation, but she decided she could start promoting diversity in her field right away.

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